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“It’s one of those strange secrets that everyone technically already knows but nobody counciously notices it. It has more profit potential than ANY other type of digital product out there.  And it’s the reason I’ve been in the PLR Rights Selling business for 6 years.”  – Steven Alvey

What Is It?

What Are
Master Transferrable Rights?

So, “Normal” PLR Rights only allow you to sell the products to “end users” for their personal use.
But…With Master Transferrable PLR Rights…

  • You get to sell PLR rights/licenses to others.
  • You become the PLR vendor.
  • You’re literally stepping into my shoes.
  • You are NOT limited to only selling end-user rights.


You see…

There’s a reason I create and sell PLR Packages to PLR buyers…  
It’s because there’s a LOT of potential profit in it.
PLR is one of those things that EVERYONE buys.
Up and down the ladder, newbies and season pros are constantly buying PLR.
It’s also cross-niche and cross-industry.
Selling PLR rights has more perceived value than just selling an infoproduct to an “end user”. 


Funny thing is…
I don’t even need to convince you this will work.
You actually already know it works.
You know with 100% certainty.
Here’s the Mind-Blowing Proof

It’s… YOU.

Get it?

You just bought that PLR pack on the previous page!
You are only reading this right now because you bought it.
You are the 100% Proof that this model works.
You KNOW it works because you know there are tens of thousands of people out there JUST LIKE YOU who buy PLR.

In addition to Master Transferable PLR Rights,checkout these bonuses!

Bonus # 1:

Steven Alvey’s PLR Rebranding Workshop

In this behind the scene’s training, Steven reveals exactly how to take PLR products (no matter how ugly) and turn them into STUNNING branded offers that can skyrocket your conversion rates on your sales pages.

Bonus # 2:

The Compleat Digital Marketer’s Primer

Set A
Product Creation & Promotion

  • Get ahead of your competition with this set of exclusive training.

  • Learn how to easily create fast selling digital products.
  • Discover how to turn content into cash.
  • It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if you can’t find the words to make your prospects see that they need it. 
  • You will discover how to write better converting sales copy that make your prospects scramble to find the order button.



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Seniors Income Treasure Trove MTPLR (OTO1)
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